Empyrean Benefit Solutions Acquires Bloom Health.
  • Health Coverage Decisions are Impossibly Complicated…

    So we're doing something about it. We work with employers to assemble the perfect mix of medical & ancillary options, and then help their employees build comprehensive benefits packages that cover each health & financial situation.

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  • Employers: Bring Cost Predictability to your Benefits Budget

    With our defined contribution option, you set the dollar amount for each employee's benefits, allowing you to separate your benefit budget from future insurance rate increases.

  • Full-powered Private Exchanges for Health plans & Agencies

    The Bloom Private Exchange Platform® solution empowers you with more than just the technology — we're insurance and exchange experts who partner with you every step of the way.

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Your Benefit

We're Bloom Health, a new kind of benefits company. We work with health plans, agencies and employers to bring predictability to benefits costs.

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At the same time, we provide tons of exciting new benefits options to employees, allowing them to take control over their compensation while developing comprehensive benefits packages that meet their individual needs.

For employers

Move toward an employer-sponsored system that has effective cost predictability for you and increased choice and personalization for your employees.

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For brokers and agents

Use our health plan and ancillary carrier partners (or bring along your own) and launch your private exchange all backed by Bloom's expertise and service.

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For health plans

Create an exchange with all the choice, flexibility and affordability your health plan offers with the service expertise and technical savvy of the Bloom Private Exchange Platform® solution.

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As a pioneer in the Private Exchange marketplace, we've had four years of real-world experience to capture important data on what matters to employers and how consumers make coverage decisions in an environment of increased choice. We've also paved the way for the future with innovative approaches, like including Accountable Care Organization (ACO) coverage options on our exchange. Read more:

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